Sunday, 23 October 2011

fantasy as freedom

the silence in a heart that speaks of trembling fear
the subtle understanding of a life that ends up burning each and every possibility and choice
the problematic nature of all the conscious minds
for how we turn inside out and upside down for a decision
for why we surpass the limits of jumping from branches and crawling out the mud
for when it is decided that Abraham will deceive his love
yet we all are lonely
yet we ache for the end of times
yet we fantasize about the bloodiest of desires in the cage of frost

Thursday, 13 October 2011

high tide

everyone and everything is out of reach, sounds i don't want to hear, crimes i can never commit...
i am that rambling representation of a numb, faceless existence.

creations all around me, nothing speaks of truth, i ran out of patience one day
that day i aged and i aged again, with my mind chained to a far far future
when there is nothing but absolute darkness and peace
flashes of light here and there, traces stretching into outskirts of nowhere
illuminating all that there is and forgiving all that there is not

Friday, 26 August 2011


the frowning spirit of history is upon us once more with yet another sickly desired we bow to propaganda and violence, we condemn understanding and more humane possibilities; we decide for blood money and prosperity that comes of nothing but others death, misery and misfortune.